Thoughts on “Living Religions 5th Edition” by Mary Pat Fisher

When it comes to Judaism, my knowledge isn’t extensive, but I do know a bit about it, as with most religions. Like I stated in my last blog, I attempted to find a religion that fit my views, and I was pretty open minded, so I took a look at Judaism and while doing so, I obviously learned a bit about it.

I know the origins are foggy, but from what I understand is that Abraham is Jesus for the Jews. He is the main patriarch of the religion and was the messenger of God. Then, the religion’s reins were passed onto Moses, who led the Israelites out of slavery. With the coming of Moses and his adventures, like the Ten Commandments and the parting of the waters, the era of Christianity rolled in with the advent of Jesus. The Jewish faith was then split into those who followed Jesus’ teachings and those who kept the old ways. The followers of Jesus became Christians.

Just like the Bible is the sacred text for Christianity, the Tanakh is the sacred text for Judaism. The Tanakh only consists of the Old Testament, as opposed to the Bible, which has both the New Testament and the Old Testament. However, it is also split into parts, where the Tanakh is the beginning and the Torah is the later part. The Torah was added sometime afterwards, when the Romans raided, and the marriage of the Tanakh and the Torah is called the Talmud.

The text (Living Religions) only covers up to Abraham’s struggles and his “tests of faith”, well, at least this reading does, but I am highly interested in how it is portrayed. It is more of story telling, like a very simplified bible. It also includes how the followers feel about their religion, in this case, “spiritually evolved”.

I could discuss Judaism in greater detail, but I’ll leave this teaser here for now, I mean, why buy the cow when the milk is free, right?


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