Weaver and Brakke Ch. 8

This a picture of the North Union Shakers, a branch of the Shakers. Shakers believed that God was manifested in two people, male=Jesus, female=Mother Ann Lee. I personally don’t believe it, hence why I’m not a shaker, but I think that they obviously were a more liberal group when it came to equality because of their origins being a woman.

I looked up Dispensationalism because it was the only one out of the Millennialist groups that I had never heard of. I read the paragraph and I still didn’t get it, so I found this chart. So now I don’t know what it is, but at least I have a chart.

I thought this was a neat chart displaying how the Holiness Movement caused or most likely, displayed the splitting of branches within the Christian church.


One response to “Weaver and Brakke Ch. 8

  1. I remember learning of the Shakers in elementary school. I went to a private Christian school and we were taught the different denominations in history. I remember the most prominent thing in that sect of Christianity is that they don’t believe in marriage. Because they did not believe in marriage, they would not have children. I believe that flaw is probably one of the reasons as well as some of their radical beliefs, there are not many shakers left. I also remember that they were tied to some inventions that some are still used today such as the rotating oven.

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